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Benefits of a home safe

You don’t have to be rich or famous in order to have a safe at home. You also don’t have to live Hollywood or Manhattan and be a business or entertainment mogul. Home safes are now affordable and more mainstream than ever. In fact, our Locksmith Clarkston GA team has been busy installing home safes in all areas of town and in all sizes and materials. There was a time when enclosed garages were also considered for the well off or well connected. Now, multi bay garages are considered standard in new home purchases. The same is quickly happening with residential safes; more and more homeowners are seeing the benefits having one to secure their most prized possessions and valuables.

How do I know if I need one?

Here’s a simple question; do you have items that you’d like to protect and preserve? Do you consider yourself a private person? Do you have documents or cash money that you’d like to save for a rainy day or emergency? If you answered yes to any of these; you could benefit from having a safe at home.

Each safe need is different

Your next door neighbor may use his or her safe to store watches and jewelry. Your friend down the street may keep important documents in his. You might be thinking of stashing cash in yours. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to use your home safe; each circumstance is different and unique. You should work closely with a residential locksmith shop either here in Clarkston, GA or in your own city. Your technician will be able to recommend the right safe model for your needs including the right safe construction materials and the best location in your home for your safe to be placed in.

Questions you may have

Buying any appliance or tool opens produces questions both before and after the sale; home safes are no different. Here are some of the most common ones we hear:

  1. Will having a home safe make me a target for burglars or home invaders?
  2. What if I forget my dial combination or key code sequence? How will I access my safe, then?
  3. Are there monthly maintenance costs to service or repair my safe? I don’t want to add to my household bills.
  4. Can I afford to buy a home safe or should I just wait until the prices fall?
  5. Should I keep it quiet and be discreet that I have a home safe? Whom should I actually tell?
  6. What exactly can I put into my home safe?

Your answers!

Having a home safe will not make you more susceptible to burglars and home invaders. The prevalence of home safes and your discretion work together to make having a home safe; safe! Now, if you brag to others that your home contains a safe full of cash or jewelry; sure, that is a fool hardy invitation to problems but generally safe owners know to keep their safe contents to themselves.

Safe prices are very affordable and you can price many models online or in a store. You can buy used safes and save money but we don’t recommend that option. You’ll wind up paying more in repair and maintenance costs of your safe was not well maintained or if it is sealed and you now need it unlocked and opened for you.

You can put most anything of value in your home safe. Important documents can include appraisals, credit reports, insurance and tax documents, birth certificates, passports, real estate and car titles, warranties, stocks, bonds, letters of credit, diplomas, death certificates, wills, deeds of trust and other similar items. The question often comes up; why not use a file cabinet instead of a home safe? The answer is one of security levels. File cabinets and locking desk drawers offer minimal protection and are mainly used for filing and low level security for your important papers. These drawers use cam locks to secure them and these locks are somewhat easy to pry or pick open. A home safe offers a much greater level of protection. It’s up to you to decide which papers and documents should be filed away in a desk drawer or file cabinet and which need the extra security of a home safe.


Cash money is still king! Sure, we run on a credit and digital money system but cash, coins, and other forms of currency often come in handy. You can use cash for medical emergencies, veterinarian bills, fast food deliveries, tips, charity giving, flea market purchases, donations, business deals, kid’s allowances, car repairs, even real estate deals! You’ve heard of mattress money? Instead of storing cash in your bed, this method of using a home safe provides you with fast cash for whatever you happen to need it for. Think of it as having a home ATM machine that can provide money to you 24/7 and with no fees!


Yes, guns! Sure, there are designated gun cabinets for this purpose but nothing says you have to specifically use a gun safe and not a home safe to secure your weapons. What if you have a small handgun or two? No need for a large gun safe for those; why not secure them in your home safe along with your other valuables? They can still be handy and yet secured from intruders, guests, children and prying neighbors.

Use your imagination

You don’t need to be told what to put in your home safe; add whatever you want to keep safe or private! One of our customer’s stores old stock certificates in his; another collects old, vintage letters in hers. You can store gift cards, treasured photos, IOU’s, theater tickets, rare coins, foreign currency, gold and silver bars, flash drives, software, passwords, key codes, museum and concert passes; whatever you like!

Contact your locksmith of choice today; get a home safe and start enjoying enhanced security for your precious items!